Registration and Scoring Questions

When you register online, decide how many races you want to do this season and register for that many race credits. The more race credits you register for, the more money you save. You can think of it as a virtual punchcard: You register to come out to 5 (or 2, 4, 8, whatever!) races this season, but you're not comitted to any particular race. If you bought a credit and want to use it this weekend... sweet! Check-in at registration on race day and they'll apply it to that race.

But if something comes up... your kid gets sick, your bike breaks, you went OTB yesterday, your in-laws show up at your door the night before the race... it doesn't matter! Skip that race and come to another one instead, no transfer fees. It's the ultimate in flexibilty AND you save money. :-) (And actually, the in-law excuse is a lousy one. Hand them a cowbell and come out anyway!)

To use the race credits, go to registration on race day and let them know you're there. They'll take care of you!
If you want to race a second race of the day, the cost is just $10.

To signup for your second race of the day, come to registration and hand them $10, and they'll get you signed up. (Note: There's not a place to signup online. It was already confusing enough with the whole race credits thing!) You will use the same race bib and RFID chip for both races.
We will issue reusable RFID chips to each person this year. There is a $20 chip deposit fee at your first race that is fully refundable when you return the chip at the end of your season. We will have Tyvek ankle straps available at registration each race.
Absolutely! We would never deprive you of the awesomeness that is Sacramento Cyclocross. Either sign-up online for more race credits, or bring $35 ($25 if you're a junior) to the next race and talk to the lovely folks at registration.
If you lose your bib number and/or RFID chip, it is a $5 replacement fee (plus the $20 chip deposit if applicable). Come to registration on race morning, fess up, and they'll take care of you.
No. YOU many use your race credits at ANY race this season, but you may not transfer them to anyone else, and they expire at the end of the 2016 season.
The series championship will use your six best races out of the eight race series.
If you choose to race a USAC sanctioned race in the afternoon, your class will largely be determined by what your USAC CX category. For the morning races, we leave it up to you to choose which class you should race in.
Generally, "C"= Beginner; "B"= Intermediate; "A"= Expert and "Single Speed"= Crazy person. (Just kidding on the single speed. Kinda.) But seriously, we leave it up to you to choose which class best fits your ability.
However. Everyone races at the race director's discretion.
If you are absolutely crushing it in a certain class, we reserve to right to congratulate you on your success... and require you to upgrade to the next logical class. (Please note that choosing a class based on a start time that is convenient to your schedule, is not a valid reason to race outside of your level.) Alright, enough said. We look forward to good, strong, fair competition in each class this season.
Because this season is (partially) USAC sanctioned, everyone's race age is how old they will be on December 31, 2017.
Nope, sorry. If you switch classes you start the series points accumulations all over. If you want to be considered a total badass, you can always race more than one class in a day for just $10.
If you race in a morning race at Sacramento Cyclcross, you do not need any sort of license to race. If you race in the afternoon, you will need either a.) an annual USA Cycling license, or b.) a one-day USA Cycling license. If you would like to purchase an annual license, we recommend you do that online in advance, and then print out a copy of your license, or have the USA Cycling app ready on your phone when you check-in at registration. If you wish to go the one-day license route, you can purchase that for $10 at registration on race day.
In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker will go to the person who had the most number of 1st place finishes. If that's equal, we'll see who had the most number of 2nd place finishes. Then 3rd place, then 4th, etc. If it's STILL a tie after all that, the final tiebreaker is whoever finishes higher at the final race (Race #8 at Gibson Ranch Park).

No, race credits expire at the end of the season in which they were purchased, and refunds are not offered.

Racers have until March 1, 2017 to return their blue RFID chip from the 2016 race season for a full refund.

You (or anyone you designate) can bring it to Race #8 on December 10, or the awards party on December 18 and get a $20 bill back. Or you can mail the chip to:

2201 Francisco Drive
Suite 140-240
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

If you want to put some stamps on an envelope, we've been advised that 5 stamps should do the trick! Please wrap the chip in newspaper, or tape it to a bigger piece of paper. We've had envelopes rip open and the chips never arrive when they're not padded.

Please include either a.) the email address tied to your PayPal account, or b.) a self-addressed, stamped envelope so we can send your refund. It does not matter whether you originally paid the deposit online or in person, we can refund you whichever way is easiest.

Your chip was programmed specifically for the 2016 Sacramento Cyclocross series, and will not work at any other race until it is re-programmed.

Race Day Questions

Not while another race is going on. We used to allow pre-riding while other races were going on, but too many people interferred with racers on course, so we revoked the privilege. If you would like to pre-ride the course, please be ready at least 5 minutes before the end of a race, and queue at the break in the course tape just past the finish line. The announcer will let you know when it is ok to enter the course, and you should make sure to never pass anyone who is still racing.
Cyclocross is held rain or shine, and some of the best racing has happened as it's pouring! However, there are certain circumstances that are completely out of our control and we reserve the right to cancel a race if we feel the racers safety is in question. (e.g. lightning strikes, extremely poor air quality, etc.)
Yes! Pete with Happy Trails will be providing neutral support at each race this season. If he helps you out, please consider showing him your gratitude with a small tip.
We are partnering with Bikes for Kids to host the Yolo Brewing Company beer garden at a majority of our venues this season! Please refer to each individual race page to see if a beer garden has been approved for that race.

LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards will be offering complimentary wine tasting during Race #3 at their gorgeous winery in Acampo.

Please be respectful and adhere to the alcohol policy at each of our race venues this season.
Cyclocross bikes are uniquely designed for the sport; a good cyclocross bike can definitely help improve your lap times, and make racing and riding that much more enjoyable.

Having a cyclocross bike to race can be helpful, but it is not required to participate in the Sacramento Cyclocross series! Racing on a mountain bike is fine in most categories. Here's the rundown: For Elite A, Master A, Open Master and Open Singlespeed categories, bike tire width must be 40mm or less and bikes may not have suspension. For all categories, flat bars are allowed without bar ends. No forward facing bars. No spiked or studded tires. No fixed gear hubs. No power assist (no duh!).

If you have any questions, please contact Race Director, Clint Claassen.
Racers are allowed to zip-tie the shifter of a geared bike and race in a single speed category. If a racer switches bikes, or changes a rear wheel during the race, the gear ratio of the new bike(s) must be the same as the original bike. If we find out that any single speed rider changed gear ratios during the race or changed to a geared bike... DQ.
NO! Please do not wear them... even if you're not playing music. This is totally a safety issue, and we take it very seriously. Just having earbuds in is grounds for immediate disqualification. If you have sunglasses that have built-in earphones, please make sure they are not turned on, and we recommend advising the timing tent that you have them so there is no confusion.